"Normally, I'm more about the pen and paper and less about the binding or the journal itself. Heck, I spend a lot of time outdoors and write wherever I am. Small note journals in my Jeep have grease smudges on them. My daily Evernote Journal has coffee rings and ink smudges. It's always about the paper and the pen. It matters. I am not usually one to like a leather journal, but these covers are soft and substantial. Each comes with different and well-working leather strap. Sojo offers a beautiful hand and CNC burned artwork as well.  

There truly is something special about leather, the way it weathers and smells brings back lots of memories for many people. These journals are special, handmade and packed full of great paper. For off-roading and overlanding, we need something durable to go on our adventures. You are writing down your adventures, aren't you? If not, start today. Find a great pen and get a journal from these folks. "

-Kris Vockler CEO at ICD and racer for Fast and Curious Race Team

Thanks for all the information! Beautiful products.


I loved working with Sojo and love her work and joy!