Image of Dietrich

This is a unique bi-fold created in remembrance of my brother Jesse who faithfully served the US overseas in the 10th Mountain Division. He gave his life along with many others.

This one is crafted in leather made in Maine, called Wildemoon. Its a grey colour that only deepens in beauty with age.

On the front is a small logo that I created - the pine tree is for the PNW where each of these are hand crafted and the mountains and 10 are for Jesse and those serving their country. The red thread is because its one of the 10th Mtn Divisions signature colours.


  • Avocado
  • Wildemoon Sold Out
  • Slate
  • Cobalt Bison
  • Indigo Kodiak
  • Magenta Kodiak
  • Walnut Kodiak Sold Out
  • Chestnut Kodiak Sold Out
  • Black Kodiak
  • Crimson Kodiak


Image of Dietrich Image of Dietrich Image of Dietrich Image of Dietrich