Image of Churchill

This tiny little dude is the perfect pocket companion on long hikes, bike rides, kayak adventures- really just all the things! Sits at a mere 5 1/2” this dude packs punch and is an eye catcher! Totally refillable and a quick go to!


  • Wildemoon Gray/ Yellow/ GunMetal Snap Sold Out
  • Magenta Kodiak with Duck Thread Ltm. Edition
  • Bright Teal (Greenland) / Yellow / Matte Silver
  • Kodiak Burnt Umber / Fern / Small Matte Silver Snap
  • Kodiak Walnut/ Teal / Matte Silver Sold Out
  • Kodiak Walnut/ Cream/ Little Silver Snaps
  • Crimson / Cream/ Matte Silver
  • Slate Blue /Sage / Bright Brass Sold Out
  • Slate Blue / Red /Gun Metal Snap Sold Out
  • Bison/ Peacock/ Silver Snap Sold Out
  • Avocado/ Rusty Orange / Matte Silver Snap Sold Out
  • Whiskey / Jade / Silver Snap
  • Kodiak Black / Royal Blue / Bright Brass Sold Out


Image of Churchill Image of Churchill